Dogman 1

The Dogman is one of the point-of-view characters in The First Law trilogy and he makes a brief appearence in The Heroes. 

The First Law Trilogy:Edit

The Dogman is one of the closest friends of Logen Ninefingers or The Bloody-Nine. In the book it is revealed that he is like Logen, from behind the mountains and when Logen searches for help against the shanka, the Dogman travels with him. They get entangled in the wars but the Dogman never leaves Logen's side, being a scout for Bethod and when Logen is sent back over the mountains he comes with him together with Forley the Weakest, Black Dow, Rudd Threetrees, Tul Duru Thunderhead and Harding Grim. They think Logen dies by the hand of the shanka and they decide to warn Bethod. They travel back over the mountain and Forley is killed by order of Calder. They search for vengence and start to help the Union in their war against Bethod. They meet Caul Shivers a northman that is not satisfied with the wars and the alliegencies of Bethod. They fight at Dunbrec. They win and drive Bethod out of Angland but sadly Rudd Threetrees is killed in battle by Fenris the feared. The Dogman becomes chief and as the war continues more and more northmen join the Dogman's crew. When the war gets stuck the Dogman with the now returned and living Logen Ninefinger. They lure Bethod's army to the fortress of hillman chief Crummock-i-phail at the high places. They hold back Bethod's army so the Union army can hit them in the back and defeat them. The trick works and Bethod's army is decimated. What remains of Bethod's army withdraws to Carleon where they are determaind to make there last stand. The Union gets messages to withdraw thanks to an attack by the Gurkish on Adua and so the war is setteld with a duel between Logen and Fenris the feared. Logen wins thanks to the fact that the Dogman, Black Dow and Harding Grim kill Bethod's witch. The Dogman follows Logen to Adua to fight the Gurkish and after the battle of Adua the Dogman stays in Adua to be an northern ambassador. when he finds out Dow killed Logen he is furious and he travels north to fight him (but that is in the Heroes)

The HeroesEdit

The Dogman leads the Union allied northmen there and makes a brief appearance in the beginning of the book and in the end during negotiations with the new northern king black Calder. There it is described that "it looked like he lost a good friend instead of an bitter enemy" probably because they where the only ones left of the original fellowship of Logen Ninefingers and now Dow dead, the Dogman is last. He becomes the ruler of a big piece of ground in the north under protection of the Union.