Named after Skarling Hoodless, Skarling's chair is a the throne of the King of the North and stands in Carleon. the chair was origanely of course thge chair of Skarling and after his death his sons and after them there sons and so on so on took care of the chair. until Logen Ninefinger knocked on the city gates after he won the duel Bethod took the chair and named himself king of the north and got himself a fancy crown. but Bethod didn't last because after Logen won the duel of Fenris the feared he came up and punched his skull flat and than trew him of the walls of Carleon. after he did that Logen became the new king of the north with thanks to Crummock-il-phial the chief of the hillmen. but even Logen didn't last for long because Black Dow betray him and forced him to escape by jumping in to the river, in the last argument of kings he is left for dead.