pouder is one of the unions generals that fougt in the northern wars and presummebly in the gurkish wars. pouder is the lifetime rival of kroy and disagrees with him at every step. this is shown greatly at the northern wars when they both fought under marshall Burr. when marshall Burr died probebly by something in the area of a ucler. in the closed counsel it was greatly debated how should succeed him half of the counsel favored kroy while the other half wanted pouder to do it. as a compromise the new high king of the union disides that collum west will take the job. pouder is greatly offended by the diccion (as is kroy) to ensure there coorperetion he tricks them in to thinking that he is on the line of an disonerble discharge. this fritense him and he does as he is asked. later when they are in line to free adua of its siege pouder dicids that he has to reclame his glory and get on the good side of west so he blindly preforms one of his famous cavalry charges to break th gurkish line he is killed in the charge as he leads it