Forley theweakest

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In The Blade ItselfEdit

Forley the Weakest is one of Logen Ninefingers sworn men at the start of the series. After Ninefingers and the group are seperated during a Shanka attack where the Dogman sees Logen fall over a cliff to his supposed death, the group splits briefly, and Forley travels with Rudd Threetrees until they meet up once again, deciding to travel south. 

When the Northmen run into another group of Shanka, Forley suggests they just go around. When the others decide to fight, he hides in the scrub during the fight. When an unassuming Shanka approaches, he stabs it with his sword, exclaiming "I got one!"

The group comes to the decision that someone needs to be warned of the impending threat of the Shanka. It is only after they realize that all of the more sympatetic chiefs have been killed, that they realize they must tell Bethod. Outside of Carleon, Forley volunteers to be the one to go into the city and warn the King of the Northmen, hoping his weak reputation will earn him more compassion than some of the harder men maybe have illicited. When Threetrees later meets a wagon driven by Bad-Enough, one of Bethod's Carls, he is given a sack containing Forley's head. 

The Dogman and the rest kill all of Bethod's Carls in a rage and bury Forley in the rain. Threetrees says words over his grave, and it is unanimously agreed upon that, while his body may have been weak, he was certainly strong of heart.

Before The First LawEdit

Little is said of Forley's history throughout the course of the book. Where as other clan chiefs sent their most fearsome killers to face Logen Ninefingers, Bethod's champion at the time, in combat hoping to win a battle against the most feared man in The North, Forley's chief sent him as the weakest of the clan as a show of surrender. Logen spared him and he was pledged in debt to Ninefingers until he was ordered to be killed by Calder. 

It is mentioned that he carries a short blade, though he is more eager to go around a battle than directly into one.