Appears in:

The Blade Itself

Last Argument of Kings

The Heroes

Related to:

Bethod (father)

Scale (brother)

Seff (wife)

Titles and names:

Prince Calder

Black Calder

Calder is the younger son of King Bethod who first appears in the First Law trilogy, and is a point-of-view character in The Heroes .

The Blade ItselfEdit

Acting as an emissary on behalf of his father Bethod, Calder travels to the Great Library in order to summon Bayaz to Carleon . Bayaz does not take kindly to being summoned and uses the Art to choke and threaten Calder and then sends him back to his father.

Later, when Threetrees and the other Northmen send Forley the Weakest as an emissary to warn Calder and his father of the threat of the Shanka, Calder responds by having Forley executed and his head sent back to Threetrees.

Last Argument of KingsEdit

Calder appears at the end of Last Argument of Kings . He and his brother Scale have become allies with Black Dow and help him to attack Logen Ninefingers .

The HeroesEdit

Calder is a recurring point-of-view character in The Heroes.